Sunday, February 1, 2015

Pyjama pants

2014 sewing continued.....

Some time last year I decided to pull out my bag of liberty scraps and sew up a few decent pairs of PJ pants. Included in the bag was the piece I used to make these. It wasn't actually a scrap but an internet purchase that 'wasn't really me'. I'm not one for small florally prints really. I also haven't been able to step into the world of collared button-ups, even though they look fabulous on everyone else.

I traced these pants off an extremely old pair of elasticised-waisted linen pants from Country Road. I drafted the pockets myself. I bound the pockets in black satin silk. I also threaded a black satin ribbon through the waistband.

I've been super happy with this make. They're the sort of thing you could get caught wearing at 2pm by a surprise visitor and not feel embarrassed. I've worn them heaps already.

I also made two additional PJs in shorts-length, actually from the scraps as planned. I'm yet to photograph these as they're always on rotation in the wash or under my pillow. One day!

Sweet dreams.  ZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzz


  1. I need to make new pyjamas! Yours are lovely. And I am the same re collared button up shirts. None in my wardrobe.

  2. Oh Liberty pyjama pants, they must feel delicious! And hey, me too on the collared button-up shirts. Not my thing although I may... possibly... be coming around to the idea of a kind of 'nice flannie'. So much work though.

  3. These look fantastic, perfect pj fabric. Also love the black pocket binding.