Saturday, January 31, 2015

Tessuti Pia #3 in Khaki

Tessuti Pia in Khaki
2014 sewing continued....

Last year some time I made up another version of the Tessuti Pia dress. I used the toile from my first version so you can read about the alterations here. This version is made using a silk/linen blend from Rathdowne Fabrics in Melbourne. The fabric is lovely and I wish I'd bought it in more colourways.

It was a squeeze to get this dress out of the amount of fabric I bought which was originally intended for a skirt. Given this, I had to add a seam down the CF of the skirt.

Something went a little wrong with the neckline at the CB. It feels a little firm at the neckline then pools just below it. I think it was a cutting error...maybe things weren't quite on-grain. I enjoy wearing this dress to work, however, it cuts in a little under the arms. I have every intention of grading them back again and redoing the binding. I've had every intention of doing this now for months and months!


  1. It's lovely, you are so clever.
    Anne xx

  2. I love this dress pattern and I LOVE that murky khaki color. Well done!

  3. I think this pattern was made for you! This one, like the others, looks wonderful!

  4. I think Coco is absolutely right. The khaki version is wonderful, especially with the splash of red beads.