Thursday, January 29, 2015

Tessuti Pia in Hemp Knit

Tessuti Pia
2014 sewing continued....

I like the idea of easy-wear knit dresses, however, they are not something I find easy to wear. I have a small bust yet wide hips, so things that fit up top, cling to the bumps down below. I decided to have a go at using Tessuti's Pia pattern in a knit fabric. I thought this would be better suited to my shape given the fullness of the skirt.

I made it up using a hemp/cotton blend from Emma One Sock. I sewed it both on my sewing machine and overlocker. I finished the neckline and armholes by turning the fabric under and sewing a small zigzag.

I have been wearing this all Summer. I think it has got quite a bit shorter during that time. The verdict - it's a super comfy and an easy go-to super casual dress.

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

#4 Woven Tee Dress

Woven Tee Dress # 4
2014 sewing continued.....

Ok, this is the last one! My forth and final version of this pattern. See the three previous posts for all previous versions.

This one is sewn using a polished cotton by Milly from Emma One Sock. I think the CB seam created quite an interesting effect. This one differs from the others slightly because I added a hemband. I used part of the selvedge for the contrasting white stripe. 

The fabric is probably a little too heavy for this dress, so it doesn't drape as nicely. I was aware of this heading in but I kinda thought I'd forge ahead anyway. The verdict? Another slightly boxy but easy-to-wear, comfy dress for work.

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Black Woven Tee Dress

Woven tee lengthened
2014 sewing continued....

This is my third version of my woven tee (Country Road RTW). For this version, I simply lengthened the top creating an a-line shape. I also added a CB seam so I could shape the back a little. Prior to this, it was too full and boxy.

This version is made using a silk/linen blend from The Fabric Store. (I showed you the skirt I made from the scraps yesterday).

This dress is a bit of a blank canvas for me as it lends itself to such a variety of accessories. And you know how much I looooooove colourful accessories. 

I have wore this dress heaps. It is so easy to wear so I reach for it often. One more version to go!

Monday, January 26, 2015

Woven tee and Vogue Skirt

Silk Woven tee (here)
Skirt - Vogue 1247
2014 sewing continued....

This is the next version of my woven tee (first shown here). It is made up in a lovely silk crepe de chine purchased from Tessuti. Sadly, the colours have faded considerably. I still love it though.

The skirt is made using a black silk linen blend from The Fabric Store. It's not as black as it appears here and is ever so slightly textured. This is my second version of this skirt. The first can be seen here. This skirt was made from the leftovers of a dress I am yet to show you, so it is a bit of a bonus. I went through a stage last year of trying to use up all my large fabric scraps rather than buy more should see my Grainline tank collection!

Nothing much else to say really. An easy-to-wear outfit!

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Silk Woven Tee

Woven tee
My 2014 makes continued....

Worn with white linen thurlow shorts.

Towards the end of 2013, I jumped on a plane from Cairns to Brisbane to spend the day shopping with my sister. Our primary focus was to find fabric for flowergirl dresses (we had a lot of secondary focuses). Anyway, while I was there we ducked into DFO. I bought two woven tees from Country Road - one in black, the other in white. Both became on high rotation, as they were perfect for work. I decided to trace off a pattern, as one does, when one can.

Below is one of the tops I made in 2014 from this pattern. It has a back yoke and kimono-style sleeves. It is a breeze to make. Apart of course, from sewing bias binding around the neckline, which I still tend to loathe doing.

This top is a silk (charmeuse I think???) purchased from The Fabric Store many years ago. This fabric in fact, was my first happening upon real silk fabric. It was back in the days when I had yet to discover Emma One Sock and the joys of internet shopping. Living in a regional area, I was limited exclusively to Spotlight, which up until recent years, did not stock silk....perhaps with the exception of silk dupion at times.

Despite my excited silk discovery, this fabric sat in my stash for years. It was all a bit shiny and reminded me of the races...not sure why. Last year I had a light bulb moment and decided to sew it up with the matt side facing outwards. The colours in the matt side were far prettier and less gaudy then the shiny side. I did, however, use the shiny side for the back yoke.

This top is super comfy, easy to sew and easy to wear. Tomorrow I will show you version 2...and then perhaps #3 & #4.