Sunday, February 15, 2015

Furoshiki Market Bags

Furoshiki Bag
pattern from 

After my outdoor area spruce-up (see previous post), I was left with a pile of good quality outdoor fabric scraps - too good to throw out, yet not something I would use for a garment or hand-bag. Rather than throw them all out, I was inspired by SewJillian's post, to whip up a new set of market bags this afternoon.

Check them out....

I didn't line them, nor did I finished them particularly neatly on the inside as I would normally do. Given that they were only ever going to hold mangoes, passionfruit and other fruits, veges and salad items, I thought I could get away with a bit of slap-dash. Also, I didn't want to spend much time on them...I do have a birthday party dress that I should be focusing on!


  1. They are so lovely and festive - what a great use of that fabric!

  2. Fabulous!! Now I'm off to search for some upholstery weight scraps that I'm sure I have stashed!

  3. They look tops! Perfect for Rusty's!

    1. Yes perfect for Rusty's indeed! Sounds like you know a little about Cairns!

    2. We lived in Cairns for a year 2004 i think, my partner would move back in a heartbeat if we could. The only worry i would have is not having ready access to a bunch of fabric shops! We'd love to bring the kids up for a holiday sometime.