Monday, June 4, 2012

Vogue 8527 Silk Clutch

I have no idea why the title of this post is looking like some weird cryptic code. It's a blogger thing!

Vogue 8527/View A/B

I've been doing a little birthday present sewing for a clutch-less friend. You may or may not recall, that it was this very clutch that lead me to sew my Cynthia Rowley dress a few weeks ago. I 'had' to sew that dress to find out if I'd have any leftover fabric to make this clutch after a failed attempt to find something nice to use at Spotlight.

The clutch (and dress) fabric is a silk plaid purchased from Emma One Sock. I think the colours in the  plaid are perfect as they would look equally nice against a special dress as they would worn with jeans and a white tee. The lining is a heavy-duty twill (I think) also made from silk. I purchased a 1.8m piece remnant at the fabric sale of an independent label on James St in Brisbane. It cost $8. I'm not really sure how best to use this fabric as it is really shiny and quite thick. It makes a nice clutch lining!

I used a magnetic closure on the clutch.

I also sewed in a strap so it can be used as a small handbag. The strap can be tucked inside when being used as a clutch. If you ever make this bag, please, please, please ignore the placement position of the detachable strap. Believe me, you will thank me. 

Inside: There is a pocket section that runs along one side. It is divided into segments. The mobile phone compartment is no longer big enough to hold modern phones such as iphones and samsung galaxies. I increased the size of the compartment and it still didn't fit my friend's fancy shmancy phone.

Just a little photo with my hand so you can get an idea of the size.

This is the third time of have used this pattern. I have previously made View C and View E shown below. One of the best things about this pattern is the size of the clutch. Not only is it big enough to hold all the usual items - phone, keys, tissues, lipstick but it can also hold a small wrap or cardi. Very handy for those romantic strolls late in the evening after a special night out.

View E

View C


  1. Great birthday present - I'm sure your friend loves it. I've never tried sewing bags but with all your wonderful clutches I'm feeling mighty tempted.

  2. Lovely purse! I love a project that uses up big sized scraps:-)