Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Cowl-necked top in teal

Cowl-necked Knit Top

I've been on a two week sewing/blogging break. I decided that after eight years of owning my sewing machine, that it was well and truly overdue for it's first service. In fact, from memory, I think the first service was supposed to be free and come with a free lesson. I think I missed the boat on that one. Actually, I definitely missed the boat as the store no longer exists. Oh well. 

Despite having no machine, the past two weeks have been extremely productive. I have carefully sorted and edited 11,500 digital family photos taken over the past seven years. Worthwhile? Definitely! Rewarding? Kind of! Mind-numbingly painful and tedious? You betcha! Thank goodness that's over and I can sew once again.

I decided to kick off with another version of my cowl-necked knit top. First made here.  I originally took this pattern from a RTW top I owned. This time, I made it up using an Eileen Fisher rayon/lycra knit I bought from Emma One Sock. 

I used self-binding strips to finish the armholes. I'm not completely happy with the finish but it's OK and definitely wearable. I cut the strips a little shorter than the armhole, which I don't think was really ideal. Stretching the binding to fit, has caused puckering. 

On this version, I added a hemband. I've recently decided these are the way to go. The hemband allows things to have a looser fit, while avoiding the 'oversized shirt look' or the 'tucked-in look'. A nice compromise I think.

Long view

Side view

Back view
Next time, I'll have to shorten the back before adding the hemband as there is a bit of excess fabric pooling at the lower back.

The verdict - A nice casual addition to my wardrobe. Comfy and easy to wear.

I've had a bit of interest shown in this collar from my first version. Last week I drew up a neat version of the pattern and intend to scan it and upload it as a PDF file to share. It should be up by early next week (assuming of course my technologically-challenged mind can work out how to actually do that). Fingers crossed!


  1. Another great top and the colour is fantastic - good luck uploading the PDF - I'd love to get a copy :)

  2. Utterly gorgeous cowl neck. Does this mean that the pattern piece I traced from my computer monitor should be updated? I haven't actually used it yet, Yay for procrastination!

  3. Hem band is such a great solution! It's a lovely top and that cowl collar is intriguing (just checked the previous post about it).
    How was your machine after the service? Did you notice a difference?

  4. Lovely top! You've just reminded me of the 1000s of photos I have to sort - but I'd rather be sewing.

  5. The hem band is genius. Love your top.

  6. Gorgeous colour. So jealous that you are making sleeveless tops at this time of year.

  7. Yay for hem bands! The quickest and most enjoyable way to hem as well as ending up with a good looking result. Looks good and the colour is fab!

  8. I like the hem band too. Great colour for you and I like your new blonder hair.

  9. Very cool top-the colour suits you. Re: dealing with photos XS