Saturday, June 2, 2012

Cynthia Rowley 2443 - Blue Jacket

Simplicity (Cynthia Rowley) 2443

This jacket was the result of some good ol' fashion jacket/coat envy. Yes, the green-eyed monster of winter dressing reared it's ugly head. It is around this time every year that my fellow Southern Hemisphere-arians start to share all the wonderful winter clothes they've been sewing - coats, jackets, capes, leggings, winter skirts and scarves. It is around this time every year that my '365 days of summer' wardrobe starts to feel a bit monotonous and I crave a bit of variety. 

When I saw Audrey from SewTawdry make this jacket a few weeks ago, I had a lightbulb moment. Hey, I could sew a warm weather winter jacket! Even though I'd see a few versions of this jacket that I really liked, such as Robyn's from Sew Love Red, it hadn't occurred to me that this could be the winter wear I was searching for.  This jacket would make me feel like I was dressing for another season too. Believe it or not, but this jacket would be waaaaaaaaayyyyyy too warm to wear here during summer.

I made up the jacket with some lovely quality linen I had in my stash. I purchased it from The Fabric Store while in Sydney last year and have really been unsure how to best use it. I think it was perfect for this project. The ribbon was from my local craftstore. I was extremely lucky to score such a close colour match. I originally went in there to buy buttons, thinking there was no way I was going to find a match. So very very lucky! The ribbon I found was much too wide though, so I have folded it in half and sewn it together lengthways.

I did make a few modications to this pattern on my toile. I found that the original design was quite boxy so added darts to give it more shape. I added two darts at each side of the CB from the bottom. I also shaped the seam through the CB. I also added a dart to each side of the CB from the neckline. Obviously, I had to alter the shape of the hemband to allow for these changes. 


The other major change I made was to fully line the jacket. I have lined it with a Japanese cotton lawn at the front and back and silk habotai at the sleeves. Initially I was going to make an unlined jacket, so had already cut out the facings. I simply added the rest of the lining to the facings. This should have been a simple task, except for the fact that I only remembered to add one SA and not two. Major setback! It took hours to rectify this problem. Due to fabric restrictions, I had to add a strip of fabric between the seam of the original facing (trimmed and clipped!) and the lining. It all looks fine now, but I was not a happy lady that night!

And now to a few detail shots....

1. The sleeve and placket. Not the neatest job in the world I'll admit. I actually found this step of the process quite tricky. The D-rings were pinched from a pair of my son's trousers. 

2. The side view

3. Wearing the jacket open.

4. Close up of the jacket worn open.

I wore this outfit out this morning to breakfast, followed by a movie. It's paired with my silk racerback tank and Jag jeans. 

After a day's wear, I can confidently say that I'm really happy with this jacket. I can definitely see myself making more. I can imagine so many variations. I must say it was fun to sew all the bling - pockets galore, tabs, ribbons, button loops and sleeve tie ends. I don't think I'll add ALL the bling on my next one, but it's fun to have at least one version of the original design.


  1. Love it Bernice! That jacket has been in my queue for a while too - but as you know, at the moment I'm busy with those winter capes, leggings and winter skirts! Your jacket looks wonderful - and as my brother and SIL keep telling me, it does occasionally get cool(ish) in Cairns!

  2. I've been circling this pattern like a shark and your review has really given me insight into the parts that had me nervous- beautiful jacket! Now I really must have one.

  3. I love your version of this pattern! The blue is so pretty and flattering on you, too! This has been sitting in my stash for a couple of years now, and I am developing jacket envy from you!

  4. You absolutely should be confident with this jacket - it's gorgeous! I especially love the colour - looks awesome with your tank (love that floral print) and to boot it suits you too. Noice :)

  5. You are really rocking that jacket. The colour and style are great on you.

    I hear you one the warm winter climate front. My knee length wool coats are too hot for our winter - I'd love to make something really European and chic but I'd boil.

    I have found a hip length jacket in wool to be the best for this climate - some warmth for chilly days but not too much length so I don't overheat.

    I come from the south of the South Island and you could certainly wear a decent coat there - which is why I find winter wear up here so wimpy.

  6. I think Audrey sparked a bit of jacket envy in other parts of the planet too. Now you've done the same with this fantastic teal blue version. I can't tell you how long I've had this pattern and I've always hesitated making it up. You and Audrey have dispelled thought about it being too young for me.

  7. Welcome to the club! It's a great jacket - love the way you've fitted it with the darts, the colour is great on you and I really like the ribbons too (OK so there's nothing I don't like!).

    Thanks for the mention :)

  8. What a fun addition to your wardrobe! That colour is gorgeous on you. I think all the "bling" is what makes this a great jacket.

  9. I love it! The turquoise suits you so well. And I love the shaping you did - it looks much nicer.

  10. Gorgeous colour - perfect for the jacket and you. Great pattern choice for a winter feel in a warm winter climate.

  11. Love, LOVE, love!! I've been thinking about making this in one of those coated metallic looking linens from Tessuti...

  12. Gorgeous! love the color and the pattern!

  13. Wow, that is so gorgeous. You look terrific in it. I love all the bling, and the lining is so pretty. People in Tasmania in wool coats can just be jealous.

  14. It's very pretty! Nice work on all those details. Phew!

  15. What a beautiful color. I love seeing a version of this pattern made up with all the bells and whistles. I am seriously thinking of making this jacket too. Thanks for the inspiration!