Thursday, May 10, 2012

Me Made May: Days 6 - 10

I am now 1/3 of the way into my MMM challenge and all is going well. I really feel like I've gotten into the groove of it and it's now an easy part of my morning routine. Tanitisis suggested setting up my tripod (aka milo tin/pile of bricks/flower pot) in the same spot each day to make it easier. This has turned out to be a top suggestion. Anyone sick of the red brick yet? Some of my poses are a tad dodgy but that's because I reached a point where I am only taking one shot a day. 

You may have noticed there are a few days where I am wearing jeans. To be honest, it's still a bit warm for jeans. The mornings have been a tad fresh so they've seemed like a good idea. By 10am,  I've gone into serious regret. On those days, I've just slipped into the nightie when I've got home from the morning duties and swapped back again for school pickup. 

Days 6 - 8
Weather: Min: 22'C Max: 29'C / Sunny

From left to right:
1. Afternoon drinks at a beachside bistro: Milly Silk Plaid Dress (Simplicity 2406), orange resin bangle
2. Evening sewing class: Denim trousers (Burda 8087), RTW white singlet, red knit scarf
3. Home day with child: Liberty Racerback tank (Grainline tank), Jag Jeans, Elk beads

Days 9 - 10 + nightie

Weather: Min: 22'C Max: 29'C / Sunny

From left to right:
1. Kindy volunteering day: Marc Jacobs knit cowl-neck (Vogue 8669),  RTW denim shorts, elk necklace
2. Work: Liberty refashion (Simplicity 2599 ), Elk brooch, Target linen pants
3. Nightie: Cotton voile (Burda 2711)


  1. Your me made wear is looking great - I want to wear colour and patterns like you do!

  2. He, he - that is why my favourite nightie pattern looks pretty much like a sundress - rather like yours ;)
    Your outfits show a terrific use of colour.

  3. You are totally rocking it! I love the weather facts.