Sunday, August 14, 2011

Vogue 1247 in the Mangroves

Vogue 1247

There's nothing like wearing a new silk top to add a touch of glamour to a walk through the mangroves. Much nicer than khakis don't you think? Here is the top half of the Rachal Comey skirt and top pattern. (I blogged about the skirt here.)

This was not a fun top to make and therefore has taken me months to complete. The pattern just seemed all a bit 'off'. The ease was inconsistent, the shape of the batwing a little odd and the placement of the bust points just plain off the mark. Fortunately, I made up a muslin first, only to discover the the bust points were somewhere below my ribs which is all fine if you don't wear a bra and gravity has won the battle against perky breasts. 

- if you look click for a closer look, you'll see that the fabric is in 3 directions throught the front -

I think I also struggled to manage the silk fabric. It was extremely unstable and quite difficult to keep in place. I also felt that it kept becoming skewed. Added to this, was the complication that this top is cut in three different directions through the front and two different directions on the sleeves. This meant I had to resort to a lot of hand sewing. 

I knew that if I didn't complete this top this weekend it would live out the rest of its days as a UFO. As I neared the end and had all but ran out if steam, I decided to overlock the hem (rolled hem) rather than battle with the fabric anymore. Thank goodness it is done. At this stage, I can't really say I'd make it up again. Maybe if I had more stable fabric,  but then it needs fabric like this to work. Oh well. 

- side view - 

- back view -

Fabric from The Fabric Store, Nth Fitzroy.

Here is a photo of the same top from the catwalk. I'm thinking it's all looking a bit skewed on these girls as well. Something is just not quite right about them. I love the choice in fabric though!


  1. Well great work on enduring with this project. It's a very pretty top, especially out there in the mangroves. Can't say that you've inspired me to make one - but thanks for the heads up to perhaps NOT to - for which I am grateful!!

  2. The effort put in was worthwhile. It looks great - those models are so skinny aren't they? Everything has to hang because there is no flesh.

  3. This is one of those tops that's supposed to look effortless and elegant. As soon as you said 'silk' I knew the former was not the case. But the latter, yes definitely that.

  4. I recognise those mangroves! Do you want to have coffee at Caffiend (or somewhere) and talk about sewing sometime? mae dot wilson at yahoo cot com dot au

  5. That's a lovely top. What a shame that is was so much hassle to make. I like your print placement on the back. I think I'd like to see it with a little red or navy skirt. Your necklace suits it beautifully.

  6. You know, I think it looks fabulous. I'd never have thought you'd had problems with it.

    Silk sounds like a nightmare to sew with. I admire your patience to do a muslin prototype first.

    Mangroves! (You watch Australian Vogue next month ... it'll be a mangrove-backdrop for sure!!)

  7. I think it looks amazing! Well done on seeing it through, I understand how uninspiring it can be to finish a project that is difficult and if you feel it's not going to turn out wonderful, but this one did! It just looks effortlessly cool and drapes beautifully.

  8. It can be so difficult to finish a project when it doesn't feel like it's working properly. I think your top looks great and it must feel awesome too. Silk can be a pain to sew but it sure feels good.

  9. I really like this! I love the fabric, and the way you have pieced the fabric on the pattern (if that makes sense?) is very attractive to my eye. If you hadn't told us how much effort it took I would never have guessed. It looks ... very nicely made :-)

    And wandering around the mangroves in a gorgeous silk top seems to me the height of luxury. Nice!

  10. Well it LOOKS effortless and elegant, but sounds like a bit of a sewing nightmare. Wriggly silk, urgh, but it is a beautiful fabric.
    I love your atmospheric photos.