Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Skirt - Vogue 1247 in denim

Vogue 1247 (Skirt)

I was really very excited when I received this pattern in the post. It looked like such an easy, already put together ensemble. I have found however, that the patterns (top & skirt)  are all a bit well, underwhelming.

After making up a calico muslin on the skirt, I discovered that what it was that I liked about the skirt, that is, the placement of the pockets, were an invisible feature. It looked like nothing more than a boring skirt with a wide yolk.

I then embarked on the challenge to make it more interesting. I added a feature using the selvedge and fuchsia topstitching along the line where the yoke meets the skirt at the pocket opening. I also added two back pockets. One, stylishly thread-sketched with a leafy design.

Other changes were to replace the waistband with a facing and add 5cm to the overall length (this skirt was designed for playing at Wimbledon!).

The fabric is a super light cotton denim by Donna Karen purchased at The Fabric Store in Sydney. It really is quite divine. It has a tiny bit of stretch in it (spandex from memory) so I added some stay tape to the waistline.

Overall, I'm very happy with this!  I wore it grocery shopping today and found it super comfortable and light to wear while feeling a bit casually stylish.

- Side view -

- Inner front -
Hong Kong binding on pockets seams
Hand stitched blind hem

- Feature : selvedge & fuchsia topstitching -
(Click to get a closer look)

- Back view -
Added pockets with leafy thread-sketching 
Facing instead of wasitband
Invisible zipper 


  1. What beautiful sewing on the inside...your skills are shining through. Good idea to make a feature of that seam line. Love the back pocket thread stitching.

  2. Your version is a great cute, casual skirt. I especially like the leaf motif on the pocket!

  3. That is an awesome skirt, so stylish and simple, and the finish is perfect. Well done. I love the shirt on that pattern picture as well.

  4. I have visions of myself wearing this skirt and filling the pockets up with lipsticks, eyedrops, specs, mobile. Your bound seams and the front trim are very well done.

  5. I love it! It's so professionally done. Good for you for giving the pattern some oomph!

  6. Your pocket and seam line emphasis make the skirt. It looks terrific on you - I much prefer it to the envelope photo.

  7. Very inventive to use the selvedge in the front. And I'm such a sucker for the leaves on the back pocket....beautiful job.

  8. Very nice. Is it strange that I also love the picture of the skirt inside-out? The leaf on the back pocket was a great idea.

  9. I really like this skirt and the leaf stitching on the back pocket.

  10. The pocket placement is really fun, but you certainly took it up a notch with the nice trimmings.

  11. I love how you used the selvedge - great top and very groovy skirt!