Saturday, July 30, 2011

Simplicity 2599 gone dotty!

Simplicity 2599


I'm really happy with this top, however.......

of all the patterns I have bought and made up, Simplicity 2599 would go down as my all time LEAST favourite pattern. From the packet, the fit is so ridiculously terrible on me that my muslin bears very little resemblance to the actual pattern pieces. It just doesn't seem right that a pattern as simple as a shell top, can just be so wrong (for me). 

I'll try and list the adjustments that were made, even though I don't actually know what they're called:
1. Bust dart lengthened substantially adjustment
2. Swayback adjustment
3. Wedges taken out of the back neckline adjustment
4. Huge vertical chunks taken out of the back pieces adjustment.
5. Shoulder seams didn't meet together so had to do some kind of neckline/armhole adjustment
7. Darts added to the back adjustment
8. Armhole deepened adjustment

Crazy! Crazy! Crazy!

(Luckily I had the help of my new sewing teacher with the 200 billion fitting problems. I'm not sure if I've mentioned it yet, but I've starting taking sewing lessons. Up to recently, I've been completely self-taught. It's been a fabulous experience and I'm learning heaps of very clever and handy techniques. I really must tell you about it sometime).

Anyway, now all the changes have been made and recorded accurately in calico for future reference, all will run time.

- Extreme close-up of flounce, edged with an overlocked rolled hem -
- I'm really glad I hemmed it in yellow as I rather like this touch -

Design Changes:

I changed the shape of the neckline from a round neck to a V so I could add the flounces. I also added a seam at the CF so the flounces could be sewn between the two seams.

I faced the armholes rather than binding them with bias binding.

Fabric : Japanese cotton sateen from Spotlight - This fabric is really rather nice and really quite cheap. It's really worth trawling your local Spotty to see if they have any in stock. It comes in quite a large range of colours. 

 - Side view -

- Back view, darts added -

I noticed after taking this photo that the button opening gapes due to the lightness of the fabric. It looks like it's pulling across my back, but it isn't. Should I reinforce this area with interfacing? 


  1. I love the shape of the new neckline. I don't think the back looks bad at all. Great job and worth the extra work

  2. It's beautiful, and I love the yellow edged flounce. Gorgeous fabric! Your fitting alterations sound like a hassle, but were worth the extra effort!

  3. Love! Especially the yellow rolled hem :-) yours is one of my favourite blogs because your garments always look like works of art with the beautiful exta touches you add like this. Rocking that gorgeous new haircut too x

  4. The colour of that top sets off your hair colour perfectly. You're looking gorgeous, as ever. Cute detail with the yellow hem. Are you loving your overlocker?

  5. This is a very pretty top, I love the colour. You are a clever gal to do all those alterations. You have far more patience than me. :)
    Anne xx

  6. So pretty, and so much more interesting than a plain old scoop neck shell. I love the yellow hem on the ruffles.
    I have never wished for a closer Spotlight before you are an excellent enabler. Your fabric looks most un-spotlight!

  7. Cute top - your persistence has paid off.. the rolled edge is really great. It wouldn't hurt to interface the back opening - but really - it doesn't look bad.

  8. I think it looks fab, really summer and pretty. The back gape is hardly a gape at all, I wouldn't worry. I forgot to mention on your last post if you could lend any tips for top stitching? I cannot top stitch with top stitching thread, it ends up a massive mess.

  9. Gorgeous! It screams happiness and sunshine to me. You can't help but have a good time in a top like that.

  10. Oh my gosh, the yellow hem on the flounce is so awesome! I love little funky touches like that. Very cute top. I find that Simplicity patterns fit me terribly. Their block must be very different from my body type. I seem to get the best fit from McCall's patterns.

  11. Hey girl it's winter! I absolutely love this top and want my own when Sydney warms up.

  12. Hehe, thank you, and re the Surrey Hills comment, don't they wear much by the way of bright colour there? Maybe she just meant that she wished there was a bit more colour around... :)

  13. Ack, I'm not fond of having to make so many fitting changes, but your efforts certainly paid off. The fit is really good and the top is sooo cute!

  14. LOVE that fabric! and it suits you so well, too. Also love the flounces, the overlocking on said flounces, the fit, especially reading what went into it (!), and er, have I missed anything?

    How exciting about the sewing lessons! I would love to hear what you are learning.

    As for the back, it looks fine to me.