Wednesday, March 23, 2011

::pins & needles - Vogue 1101

Vogue 1101

- Close up of chenille effect around neckline -

- Long view -

 - Pocket detail - I love these!

 - Detail on hemline -

 - Back view -

- Side view -

This is my first proper winter dress for 2011. I actually had imagined wearing this with black tights and shoes and perhaps a little orange cardigan. I have all of these things however cannot bring myself to put them on for the photo. Too hot! Too humid!  (Some people just will not suffer for fashion.) Instead, I'm putting them with my gladiator sandals and red necklace for a summer look.

The main reasons I was attracted to this pattern were the pockets and to experiment with the chenille effect. I do love the pockets. I think the burnt orange topstitching and zipper looks fabulous against the  khaki.

I quite liked experimenting with the chenille. I did not add as much as the pattern stipulated on the front and I did not add the effect to the back. I thought that would be overkill. Instead, I added a band and some chenille to the hemline. I think I might like to experiment with this a little more on the boys' clothes. It could look a bit groovy on cargo shorts and long pants for boys.

Pattern stuff:
- The sizing on this pattern was very different to other Vogue patterns I've used. I ended up cutting a size A around the neckline and armhole and then graduated down to a C around the hips.
- This pattern is supposed to be cut on the bias. I chose to cut it along the grain instead. I couldn't really see the advantage to cutting it on the bias. Consequently, I cut the armhole facings on the bias rather than along the grain as suggested.
- I omitted the optional zipper as I could get the dress over my head and shoulders easily.
- I omitted the chenille effect from the back.
- I added a band with chenille to the hemline.
- I had to sew a small wedge to the CF at the neckline as it ended up a little floppy. This may have been a result of me stretchy the fabric as I sewed it. Not sure.
- I extended the back darts to make them sit right. Prior to that I was getting a pleat effect.

Overall, I'm happy with the outcome. I got lots of nice comments at work today which is always nice...and a little reassuring. I was quite surprised how little it wrinkled today at work given that it is 100% linen. The 'garden shots' were before work and the 'brickwall shots' after work. Not too different given that I spent the day with 25 eight year olds.


  1. Wonderful details! The hem is great and I love orange. I'll go for anything with a dash of orange in it.

  2. I love the details on the dress. The pockets and the hem are fantastic. I can't quite work out how you did the neckline though.
    Winter dress? Looks pretty darn good as a summer one.
    Anne xx

  3. This is awesome! I love the orange top stitching and those pockets are fabulous.

  4. That is gorgeous, the chenille effect and topstitching and the whole shebang! The necklace you paired with it is perfect, really perfect.

  5. What a fabulous, funky frock. Those details are very groovy. Great choice of thread colour.

  6. This looks absolutely fantastic! You know this is the first time I've seen that chenille effect look beautiful, I've never like it before but you've inspired me! And your choice of colours is perfect.

  7. I love the neckline and the pockets are awesome. 25 eight year're a brave woman ;)

  8. I bought this pattern ages ago after seeing your dress and now that it's summer I just HAVE to make it! Thanks for all the tips and pattern information. I love your work!