Saturday, March 26, 2011

::show & tell - A Mixed Bag

1930s Flapper-style Dress Costume

The dress I'm posting about today is really more for my own records than your viewing pleasure. It's all a bit on the ugly side. It's actually a costume for a high school musical. The musical is set in the 1930s and the dress forms the base for a number of costume changes throughout the night. It's supposed to be a 1930s flapper-style dress made to a set pattern with set fabric. Really, really horrible fabric in fact. It's the sort of fabric that frays terribly and can't be pressed. Obviously the advantage of it's inability to be pressed means it won't crush, it also means however, that everything had to be topstitched. 

- Picture it worn with long pearls, heels and a fancy ornate headband. -

Just because this post is all a bit blah and boring, I thought I'd share some of my op-shop (thrift shop) finds from this morning:

- Glomesh, in all it's perfect glory. Isn't she beautiful. The perfect bag for an elegant evening out ($5) -
(Actually, I lied. This one's from last year. Thought I'd share it anyway seeing as though I bought another one today.)

- More Glomesh. This time much larger. This one is actually very stiff.  I'll hide the chain and use this as an enlarged clutch ($10) -

- Both Glomesh bags came in their original boxes. Very nice. -

- Leather belt. ($6) I love scoring leather belts on my op-shop outings. They're so expensive new.-

- Leather jacket for Paul. Made in Canada. ($20) Perfect for our up and coming Winter Sydney trip.-

I mustn't forget to mention the 7 metres of untouched school uniform fabric for $1. Perfect for muslins. I think I'll cut into that tomorrow as I embark on my trench coat project...well I need a coat for Sydney too.


  1. Sounds like a good op shop haul to me. Those bags look cool and I love the way Glo mesh feels, I've got my eye on some of my mum's stuff.

  2. Oh, how I wish I had that belt. I spent the entire day looking for belt buckles. Very nice haul by the way:)

  3. I think it looks really cute - would be perfect in summer with flat sandals.

    And - I have to comment on your last post - the Vogue dress looks amazing - the details are fantastic.

  4. Some great finds there... I love glomesh too. I have two bags, one I found second hand recenty, and one I have to confess was a 21st birthday gift! It looks almost identical to your second glomesh purchase!