Tuesday, March 8, 2011

:: pins & needles - Dancing Pants!

Dortje Pants

Check out my moves!
Groover extraordinaire!
Work it! Work it!
A little something for you Elvis fans!

Yesterday I sewed Meg a pair of Dortje Pants from the book 'Sewing Clothes Kids Love'. I am completely thrilled with them. Meg loves them too. Double thumbs up!

My sister bought this book last year and showed it to me over the Christmas holidays. It is all about colour, groovy details and fun design. All stuff that kids love. In true sister fashion, I pinched this book from her bookshelf (did she think I wouldn't?) while she was off negotiating the ski slopes in Japan. (Check out the ones she made for Lucy.)

Insanely, I didn't actually trace off the right size. It wasn't sizing I was familiar with (and I didn't read the sizing page..duh), so I guessed. I guessed wrongly! I think I actually traced off a pattern for a child who is most likely 2...perhaps 3. Meg is 5. Which brings me to a few mistakes:

1. The length of the pattern was way too short, which I identified and rectified before cutting out the fabric.
2. The back rise is too short resulting in unsightly butt-crack when sitting. Oh well. She doesn't know about this and I'm not about to tell her. Shhh!
3. The pants were too narrow which meant I had to add a side strip down both side seams. Luckily I can get away with this one - more is more in this case!

- Front detail -
- Back detail -

Obviously I can't seriously review this pattern because of my sizing error, but my instincts tell me it is a winner. I also can't comment on the instructions because I didn't use them, opting to use 'the force' instead. 

You have to admit though, they are uber groovy and a fabulous scrap buster to boot! I used up a heap of my own scraps and some I won through a giveaway last year (Thanks! Sophie from Her heart, My hands). I really did have a fun time sewing up these dancing pants. How did they get their name? Well, Justine Clarke's song Dancing Pants was playing on ABC2 when she was trying them on for the first time. Fun!

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  1. That cracked me up!

    I have that book. I thought it looked complicated ... but if you reckon it's okay, I might give it a go. Though you're a much better seamstress than me ... 'work it! work it!'. Hilarious.

    Pants look fab ... and if you hadn't pointed out the fix-ups, I'd never have picked them.

  2. You and your sister have been sharing patterns again. The pants are so cute but not as cute as your daughter's poses. I laughed right out loud!

  3. Definitely uber groovy! Your model may be the cutest ever. I like that you use 'the force.' I do that, too.

  4. Super groovy! Hooray for the side-seam stripe save, it's come to my rescue, too. :)

  5. I love them!! I love her moves - too cute. It's funny reading through that post and thinking those scraps looked so familiar! What a great use for them! :-)

  6. Really cute pants! Just the thing for little girls who normally prefer skirts!

  7. Those pants are so cool and I love the posing! And what a great way to use up some of the awkward size scraps from other projects. I've got that book patiently sitting on my bookshelf - sounds like it might be time to pull it out.

  8. I had no idea you two were sisters! So cool! You are super lucky to have a sister, and to have one that sews like you is a triple bonus.
    Of course, I echo everyone else's comment and just adore those pants. I'm not surprised she loves them so much. Really groovy fabrics!

  9. Oh my they are GOOD!! My kids would have them covered in mud as soon as they were on!!! I admire your effort!!! I wonder if we could get them in adult size?

  10. Super cute! I'm inspired, must get on my sewing machine!

  11. Oh boy I need some of these! Not for my two little poppets who would look soooo cute in them, but for me!! I have holes in my jeans that need a funky make over just like this with those wonderful wide bottoms. Love your description of your process. And what a fabulous model you have, look at the determination in that face : )

  12. So, so groovy! I have this book but have yet to jump in and attempt any of the patterns - but I do love the designs. Love the fabric mix up you've used - very funky!

  13. They are fantastic...I looked at that book ..you might have made me purchase it.