Tuesday, March 8, 2011

From Couch-wear to Street-wear

From couch-wear to street-wear:

- red, stripy, ruffly, swirly design -
- close up - 

- long view, styled with jeans and dark glasses to hide 'cold' symptoms -

- before: plain white long-sleeved tee -

- grey & black burnout ruffles -
- long view -
- close up, side view -

- before: plain grey long-sleeved tee, with button opening -

My main motivation from changing these tops from couch-wear to street-wear is a trip to Sydney planned for the end of May. I don't really own much in the way of warm clothes. When you live in a climate that doesn't have a winter, it's very hard to justify building a winter wardrobe on the off-chance that 1) you may head south once a year and 2) that that trip will coincide with cool weather.

I actually bought these shirts last winter to wear after a family funeral summoned me to Victoria in winter. They were basically to wear with trackie daks (sweats) around my parents property. Not really for public outings. I think I've managed to transform them into street wear. I'm not going to look like a hip-groovy-about-town-Sydneysider but at least I won't stand out as a complete dag! 


  1. Nice! The red one reminds me of a peppermint. I like the new hairdo, too.

  2. These are fantastic makeovers. Love 'em.

  3. These look really great. I especially love the red one. You look like you have lost a lot of weight...how is that running program going?

    PS I like the boardies in the previous post, but never got around to commenting.

  4. Pretty hair! I so, so need to do this, up my look by a few degrees. It think they look fantastic!