Wednesday, October 20, 2010

:: pins & needles - PJs for Me

Burda 2711

This morning I finished sewing my third and final version of Burda 2711 for 2010. I'm really enjoying making and wearing all my new sleepwear. As a mother of three little ones, living in a city with no other relatives, I don't get to go out much in the evenings.  The chance to pop on a party dress and a little lippy doesn't come along too often. Wearing nice sleepwear gets me out of the day clothes smeared with vegemite, dried milk and crusty cereal and into something nicer. It's a great transition from 'mother' back to 'me'. Who needs movies, dinner dates and gallery visits when you can sit on the couch in a cute pair of PJs or a silk slip! I guess this is my way of looking nice in the evenings too!

OK, back to the sewing bit. This time, was my first attempt at making the 'top (a shortened nightie) and pants' version of Burda 2711. I've been looking at ways to broaden my sewing skills lately so I added pintucks to the neckline and a row of lace. I also made my own bias binding again. This time with more success. I read in a Stitches magazine that you should cut a wider bias strip than suggested before you run it through your bias binding tool as they often get stretched and become more narrow than required. This proved to be a very helpful tip.

- a detail shot of the pintucks and lace trim -
- cotton voile from Spotlight -

I also used Burda 2711 for the pants. I did however, need to remove 8 cm from the top. Were they supposed to be worn under your armpits???!! I actually stuck the front and back pieces together before cutting them out to eliminate side seams. The less seams the better when it comes to sleepwear I reckon. Just because I could, I added elastcised lace to the waistband and a cute little gathered lacy detail to the sides. I'm not 100% sure what this fabric is. I found 5m of it at an op-shop for $3. My husband and I did the burn/sniff test on it and it came up inconclusive. Maybe a cotton/poly/rayon blend?

- pants - 

- a detail shot of gathered, lacy leg embellishments -


  1. Lovely. Nice details. I'd like to be sitting on the couch in a silk slip, instead at the moment I'm am falling into bed in the clothes I wore all day.

  2. I'd wear the top with a pair of jeans. It is so pretty.

  3. I love that top and all those pin tucks! What an effort! The little shorties are gorgeous too.

  4. i really love both of these!! great job. i love your extras of pintucks and some lace and the gathered sides of the shorts. very pretty indeed. i want to have a go at making pj's, mainly because i practically live in them on weekends and straight after work but also because it doesn't matter if there are a few mistakes while i'm still relearning how to sew. will have to look up these patterns and check them out!

  5. That top is lovely. I'm impressed by your pintucks but its also the perfect fabric pattern for this design too. Looks great.

  6. These little pleats on the top are just too cute :)