Thursday, October 21, 2010

:: pins & needles - Floral Tunic Top

Vogue 8595

For me this one gets the big thumbs down. Have you ever had that horrible feeling halfway through sewing a garment when you realise you will never actually wear it? I got it with this one. Lucky for me however, that this was a practice run. I was trialling the pattern on cheap fabric (cotton voile from Spotlight) before cutting into my good stuff.

- i added the button hole & loop and ties -

- i shortened the sleeves -

There's nothing actually wrong with the pattern exactly. It's just that when I wear it, psychologically and emotionally I feel like a cross between

and this:

...not good at all!

It just feels wrong. I think the neckline is all wrong for me. Perhaps too high. Perhaps too boring. Perhaps too much coverage.

So what is to become of it? I think I'll stuff it into a postpak and send it to my younger sister. Her and her family are into boating and she's always looking for cool, flowy, sun-safe shirts. Perfecto!


  1. Had to laugh at your images.

    I think it looks great. I'm sure your sister will like it, though.

    You sew all the time! I don't know how you manage to.

    It's looking green up North!

  2. I am currently using the kids monitor, as mine is broken. their monitor makes everybody short and wide, so it is hard for me to tell how this actually looks on the short wide version is doesn't look too bad?? What if you add a long, dark necklace? I don't like high round necks on me, so I add the vertical lines through accessories. You could always cut a new, lower neck and use bias facing if you don't have anymore fabric to make a facing.

  3. I quite like it on you. Send it down here.

  4. Have you thought about putting on a belt? I think the fabric is cute and fresh and maybe with a belt you'd like it after all!

  5. The picture of the (muumuu or housecoat?) cracks me up. Your top doesn't look like that at all! I quite like it, especially the neckline with the loop and button. Looks like it would be a great swimsuit coverup.

  6. Stooooop! Especially with the undone button, it looks FABULOUS. (sorry sis)...