Sunday, September 19, 2010

:: eats & treats - Herbie the Love Bug

There's nothin' like a kids birthday party to unleash the sculpting beast. There's something amazingly therapeutic about sculpture and for some, the medium is of little importance. It could be wood, wire, plaster, concrete, clay... even cake!

As usual, I made a start on this cake, but quickly stepped aside after my husband starting circling me like a school of ravenous sharks. Before too long, I was sitting on the floor cutting out a new top while watching him carve up a storm. He did an awesome job. I rejoined him when he got to the icing bit. Afterall, I wasn't going to leave all that icing-licking to him!

Toby was delighted!

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  1. I love the herbie cake (so does my husband who just walked past!)
    Thanks for your comment about my cardboard dollhouse - will hopefully "finish" it soon!! and the wooden dolls are from a store called winterwood in outer melbourne: