Sunday, September 12, 2010

:: pins & needles - Hello Sailor!

What did you get if you cross a boring blue bikini with a groovy red & white spotted tankini made for a 4 year old? Hello Sailor!

It is, or should I say 'was' an ultra boring bikini. But it was the right price (drastically reduced!) and even more importantly, quite a good fit. Finding a 2-piece that fits me is super difficult. The bottoms are almost always too skimpy and too narrow (resulting in an unsightly muffin top). The tops are almost always too large in the cup. This bikini scrapped in a pass for both top and bottom which was good enough given my past record of nightmare bikini shopping.

I lied about the tankini bit. I actually used the top half of a Sz4 (kids) one piece bathing suit. It was a hand-me-down for my daughter from her niece. My younger sister is going to be less than impressed if she ever reads this post and discovers I've chopped up another hand-me-down. She doesn't take too kindly to my refashioning of her designer labels. In my defense, however, the swimsuit was too short. It barely covered Meg's 4 years old nipples! What would the neighbours say?

Anyhow, Meg has ended up with a gorgeous bikini bottom to be worn with her ever-sensible and extremely unrevealing rashie tops. I, on the other hand, have ended up with groovier, cuter swimmers! It's a win-win. (And perhaps 1 loss for the now butchered designer swimwear!)

Before: boring swimwear photographed in very poor light


  1. We'll be a great team on the beach this summer. Very cute! i won't tell if you don't.

  2. Too cute. All you need now is a dollop of sun screen.