Sunday, July 18, 2010

:: pins & needles - Strike a pose!

Pattern: McCall's 5693
Fabric: lightweight cotton salvaged from an op-shop dress

I've been wanting to make a long-sleeved, lightweight top for Meg for a while now. When you live in the tropics, this style of top lasts all year - it keeps you warm in winter and protects you from the mozzies in summer. So this weekend I made up McCall's 5693. It has lots of gathering, both on the front and back, which keeps it light and cool to wear. It has a gathered pocket.  It has a slit opening at the centre that I've closed with a heart-shaped button and loop. I also threaded ribbon into the button holes for a touch of grooviness (and to hide the not-so-perfect slit opening).

pocket shot

with tights shot

back shot

Overall, I'm happy with this pattern as it ticks all the boxes as far as a flowy, lightweight top that's comfortable to wear. I wasn't happy, however, with the instructions. I think the order of steps for the gathering, neckline and facings needs to be changed to achieve a more accurate and precise outcome. Things got a little bit messy in this area due to the order of the steps. I'll know for next time.

I will definitely make this pattern again and again. Now I just need to come up with a boy-option.


  1. Great little shirt, I love tops like this. Like you said: they are perfect in the summer, when they are 'airy' enough to keep one cool and the long sleeves protect arms from sun and insects. And it looks cute, just as important :-)

    For a boy I love lightweight white cotton shirts, with or without buttons.

  2. That is a gorgous top - great op-shop find!I'm not sure about the boy option. Collars and buttons are too much hard work. Maybe you need more of a grandpa pyjama type top, with a pleat in the back to allow movement? You would probably have to adapt this from a girl's pattern. I have New look 6526 ( up to Sz 4. I have never used it and I'm beyond this size range now so you can have it if you want.

  3. oh my goodness how cute is she?? I love all the poses, so sweet! That shirt looks so pretty and what a great fabric find.

  4. Stunning fabric on that tunic! She to too sweet.