Tuesday, July 6, 2010

:: inside & out - Mmmmm, so silky!

For my birthday this year I was lucky enough to score an overlocker! Beats knickers and a box of chocolates anytime, I tell you. This week I was lucky enough to score a table for my overlocker. The table was handcrafted with love by my husband, using the planks removed during our pantry makeover. The timber is the ever glorious North Queensland silky oak – luxurious to look at, sensational to touch!

The putty holes on the table are not actually finished. Every time Paul filled them, Toby wandered past a little later and scraped the putty away. After three attempts, spanning a few weeks, Paul gave up.

Here's a long shot with my Elna Overlocker, my Picasso copy, unfinished bangle tree, unfinished corkboard and many more unfinished things out of the camera's view.

Sewing and art headquarters - this is where the magic happens! If you zoom up to Toby's fingernails you'll probably spot a beige substance I'm sure.

This mornings sewing project - PJs for Meg using Burda 9948 with extra length for extra warmth. I know I overdid the length a bit but we wear winter PJs so little up here that I wanted them to do winter 2011 as well. 


  1. Cute jammies. I hinted to my family that I wanted a new overlocker for my birthday and got earrings. Tell me your secret you lucky woman!

  2. That's a pretty impressive table Paul. The whole family has gathered around my computer to admire your handiwork.