Friday, January 29, 2010

A nap a day keeps the doctor away!

What we have here is a little daybed transformation. Lovely, don’t you think?

During the holidays Paul and I bought a daybed for our front verandah. The verandah is actually an extension of our lounge room and fully enclosed with insect screen to keep out the mozzies and midges. During summer, the verandah is significantly cooler and less humid than the lounge room only metres away. Our couch, the softest and comfiest place to sit, however, lives in the lounge room. What we needed was a soft and comfy place to sit (and nap) located on our verandah.

We bought the most budget-friendly one we could find which was part of the ‘Patio’ by Jamie Durie range at Big W. It was a good size and overall OK, but looked all a bit too 'Big W' and too 'Jamie Durie'. Not that I have anything against Jamie Durie. I love a 'Chippendaele/stripper-turned landscape extraordinaire' as much as the next guy! But we needed to make it look a bit more 'us'. I think we did good!

Firstly I sewed some of my favourite op-shop scarves over the daggy stripes. 
I bought two more pillows, one for each end and some plain brown pillowcases. Then I sewed some of my favourite doilies onto the pillowcases.

This is what it used to look like:

Much better now don't you think?

We also have a small collection of really groovy vintage Japanese scarves that I'm going to sew onto the flip-side of the striped cushions. You know, for when our mood swings from florally to Eastern!


  1. Looks very groovy, although I can't see the before picture to compare. I especially love your doily cushions.

  2. So much better! I bet that verandah is an awesome place to hang out. Our rental home is like an oven all summer and then like a fridge all winter!! I would love an enclosed outdoor space to keep cool. The scarf idea for the cushions is so fantastic, looks so lux!

  3. I would take a nap there any day! Pretty pillows!