Monday, February 8, 2010

Triple Sunglass Case

I don't know about you, but I have to manage the where-abouts of four pairs of sunglasses - my own and three little others.  Along with three other hats, three other pairs of shoes, three other drink's a never-ending list really! Unfortunately sunglasses aren't nearly as robust as the other things. They don't take very kindly to being thrown in the bottom of bags, the bottom of prams, the floor of the car, the boot of the car or our 'junk' bowl conveniently located at the entrance of the house. With this little problem in mind, I designed the Triple Sunglass Case - it houses all three pairs of sunglasses conveniently in the ONE location as well as keeping them safe.

It's a bit like a pencil roll but has an additional special feature. When you pull on the apple button located at the end of the tie, it rolls the whole thing up nice and tightly . The green button acts as a stopper when unrolling is required!

No more broken or lost sunglasses - fingers crossed!

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