Friday, December 18, 2009

Bring on the bubbles!

When I first spotted this fabric it screamed of summer, Christmas and the tropics. Home, sweet home. All that red and green and those big, bold flowers - love it! I instantly thought it may make a pretty sarong as it's 100% cotton and lightweight. But just between you and me, sarongs are a little over-rated. Sure, they're fine for a quick cover-up but if we're talking any reasonable length of time - swim, drink, BBQ, drink, swim, dessert, drink, swim then they're a damn nuisance. All that tying and retying - eeekkk!

And so, here is my 2009 Christmas sarong/beach dress. Perfect for throwing over swimmers and looking like the life of the pool-party! Perfectly accessorised with mandatory glass of bubbly, of course.

Then when the mozzies come out at dusk in full force, I just slip on some light floppy pants and it instantly transforms into a cool looking tunic top! Salut!


  1. Gorgeous fabric. Much better than a sarong.

  2. It's so hot that I bought cotton yesterday to make a similar dress. Love it.