Sunday, December 20, 2009

Once upon a time

Many, many, months ago I came across a bunch of Princess and the Pea playsets and thought they were soooo cute. Meg loves make-believe and I knew she would have a heap of fun playing with it. At the time, I had a bit of a fabric dilemma – do I buy 12 different fabrics especially for the project? This seemed like an expensive way to go as I needed such small pieces. And so things came to a grinding halt and were sort of forgotten.

Then, this week, many, many months later, I noticed a few more popping up all over the place, including this one sewn by my niece . Not only that, while killing 10 minutes before a dental appointment, I came across this oh-so very cute doll. I think the crafting gods were telling me something – it was time!

And so, my Princess and the Pea set was born. I was obviously supposed to wait, because I sewed nearly all of it using scraps from the advent calendars . I only had enough different fabric to make 9 mattresses though. My sister assures me there are 12 in the story, my husband insists there are 100 (I am NOT making 100!). Anyhow, with 9 mattresses done, I even had enough scraps for a carry bag. The little blanket was an original bargain find, many, many months ago – 10 cents.

I have bought some green felting wool to make a pea, but have not done so yet. My sister is visiting this week and so I will wait until then so we can have a play around with it together.

I also don't actually have a copy of the book. A quick ring around to all the bookstores has left me empty handed. I have, however, ordered a copy from the library. And so, my little pea-less princess and her 9 mattresses will remain in hiding until I get my hands on a copy of the book and felt myself a pea.


  1. Oh, that is very cute! And so festive looking. We'll have fun with fairy tales, won't we!

  2. what a divine princess and her matresses, it is just beautiful!