Saturday, November 14, 2009

Strawberry Fields and Monster Fish

I know I promised myself I would not sew another thing until the advent calendars were complete but today I found a loop-hole (and don't we all love loop-holes!) I was almost finished the Advent Calendars only to discover I didn't actually have the necessary cord or ribbon to see the project through. And so, I made Monty a pair of 'monster-fish' shorts instead. This should have been a relatively easy and straight-forward project but frustratingly was riddled with problems - bad pattern, missing pattern pieces, a shortage of material and lost visofix. Despite these many problems, I pushed through and got them done. They turned out much better than anticipated, so I'm surprisingly pleased.

Then on a trip to buy the necessary cord and ribbon, my daughter spotted the strawberries. Oh boy, does she love her strawberries! And so, I whipped up a little skirt for her this afternoon. She loves it!

Hooray! Both the skirt and the shorts passed the jumping test with flying colours!

and now to those advent calendars...

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  1. Well, I'm a sucker for strawberry fabrics myself. Very cute little outfits there. Looks like a lovely afternoon in the back yard.