Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Look out Lex Luther!

I went a bit overboard with cape making this week. I became like a woman possessed and sewed no less than 5 superman capes this week. Yep, you heard right - 5!!!!  Why? Well, all the little girls in my playgroup have become quite obsessed with dress-ups. Playtime has turned into a non-stop extravaganza featuring queens, mermaids and every princess imaginable. And well, the boys have been feeling a little lost and leftout. So, bring on the capes!

I started out thinking -  I would just make one for the oldest boy, Geordie...then  I thought I may as well make one for his younger brother Charlie....Geordie and Charlie often play with Luis so I couldn't leave him out...while I was making those three I may as well make one for my own boy Monty...and even though my youngest, Toby is only one, well I may as well make one for him too while I was in the swing of things - and there you have it - 5 capes!

Special little monogram buttons so they don't get mixed up. (Not that it would matter)

To join the force click on this tutorial .

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