Monday, November 9, 2009

Project Advent Calendars and a pretty cool rocket!

It is exactly 3 weeks until 30th November. Which means I have three weeks to complete 2 unfinished advent calendars , fill them with stuff, post them to two of my sisters and still allow three days for delivery.

Today, after straying off the advent calendar track for 10 months, I got focussed. This, I decided, was this week's project and I have taken a solemn oath not to stray despite having a long list of really cool stuff that I'd like to sew.

I must say today did not go too badly. I finished off all the hand sewing which means I can celebrate that each of the 25 (or should I say 50!) pockets are now complete! Yay!!! Tomorrow's aim is to sew them all onto the front of the calendar. Somehow, I have to squeeze this in between looking after 3 little munchkins, swimming lessons and a trip to the dentist!

Fingers crossed!!

And now to something that has nothing to do with Advent Calendars - the rocket cake!

My daughter Meg, is obsessed with birthdays and birthday cakes. She has pretty much decided what cake each member of our family will have for the next 25 years. Anyway, about three months ago, after listening to Elton John's Rocket Man, she decided that Paul would have a rocket cake. And so, with very little thought indeed and even less time, Meg and I made this rocket cake on Friday afternoon.

It's all good fun, really!

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