Sunday, August 9, 2009

Time for a spruce up, again!

Last week I spruced up this doll's cot to give to a friend's child for her birthday. I originally bought it for $5 from Lifeline three years ago. At the time it looked quite hideous. Someone had gone to town with a stenciling/stamping kit and produced something really quite ugly indeed.

And so it got its first spruce up. I painted it pink & white, made some matching linen and gave it to my daughter for her 1st birthday. It's been almost three years and Meg has moved on to other things. I felt it was time for it to be passed on to another little girl to enjoy.

And so it was time for its second spruce up. I painted it red & white, sewed a new set of spotty and stripy sheets and a cute little starry starry quilt. And once again, it's looking as good as new!


  1. good painting, it really looks new that you have purchase today.

  2. But how can you bear to part with it?