Sunday, August 9, 2009

Out-and-about doll bag

My daughter has taken a bit of a liking to Barbie dolls. I've never been a fan of Barbie dolls - their large breasts, tiny waists, longs legs and smooth long hair, free of fuzz and re-growth, is all just a bit too much really! Anyhow, we seem to have gone from a Barbie-free home to housing a small collection in what seemed like a blink of an eyelid. Between gifts, lends and 20c buys at the school fete we could start up a small army.

Anyway, Meg & a small group of friends like to do the whole 'Barbie' thing when they catch up and so I came up with the Barbie bag. I upcycled two of the curtain swatches I had recently scored and turned them into a tote that holds four dolls on the outside and all the essential accessories on the inside.  It's not so much beautiful as practical - there's only so much beauty that can derived from the strange synthetic, rubbery material (and I'm not just talking about the fabric!)

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