Sunday, August 2, 2009

Trying my hand at stamping!

This term, my Year 4 class is setting up and running a recycling paper factory. We're going to attempt to recycle much of  the waste paper within the school and turn it into products we can sell at a Christmas market later in the year. Some of the products we will make will include stationary sets, cards and gift tags. As part of this product, I'm going to teach the children a range of printing methods - lino cuts, screenprinting and stamp-making just to name a few.

In preparation, I had my first go at foam stamp-making this afternoon. I drew an image onto a piece of foam, cut it with nail scissors and glued it to a piece of polycarbonate (left over from the pool fence). Apart from a few smudgy finger marks I think it turned out quite well. Now my mind is a-buzz with all the cute, funky little designs we could create!

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