Thursday, August 13, 2009

Budget Pouches

For weeks now I've been playing around with the household budget. Trying to come up with a system that was both appealing and something that I thought I may actually stick at was quite a challenge. I've never been one to carry cash and so tracking my spending, while juggling a bunch of plastic cards just wasn't working. Sadly (or thankfully) I don't have enough 'nerd' in me to study receipts and write stuff down.

I do however have enough 'craft nerd' in me to spend my evenings sewing stuff. So, you can imagine my delight when I discovered these groovy little budget pouches from beauty that moves. I'm convinced that they will be perfect. They are of course, a more stylish version of the 'envelope system'. Even though I could see the merits of this system, there's was no way I could ever see myself stashing an ugly wad of paper envelopes or zip-lock bags in my handbag - that was never going to happen.

My newly sewn ones however, are sleek and slimline and look nothing short of groovy when slipped out at the checkout. Also, conveniently they are coloured-coded for quick identification. I found myself smiling when I used my 'groceries' pouch for the first time yesterday at the butcher's. It was like I had my own little personal secret. I really do love them!


  1. How big are your envelopes? Do they take up much room in your bag? Let us know if this systme works for you and you can stick it out.

  2. You're very slimline - 2 layers of light-weight cotton, 2 layers of muslin and 2 layers of interfacing. They really don't take up much room at all. I made sure they could comfortably hold a $50 note and a bit more - 8" x 4".