Monday, August 17, 2009

Stamping, Stamping and more Stamping!

Who would have thought stamping could be so much fun? After stumbling across Geninne's Art Blog a few weeks ago I decided I needed to have a piece of the stamping-carving action. She carves the loveliest and most detailed little stamps - I challenge anyone to look at them and not feel even the tiniest amount of desire to grab the closest blade and start carving. Anyway, after watching her tutorial and studying her photographs I let rip! (To be fair I did 'borrow' a few designs from here, here, here and here.)

Playing around with the new stamps for the first time. So much fun!

My husband and I bought a couple of old printer's trays quite a few years ago with the intention of displaying a couple of mini collections. We've never quite got around to completing that project. They do however seem the perfect thing to house my new stamps!

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  1. Very groovy indeed. Please send me all the details on stuff you used, so that i can have a go myself.