Sunday, May 27, 2012

Me Made May: Days 22-27

This weekend I chose comfort over me-made items. It's been cold, wet and windy and our social calendar was empty, so we stayed at home. (Actually, that's not technically true. We were invited to a number of things, but we chose to be hermits instead). Anyway, I haven't actually ventured into making my own tracksuits or long-sleeved tees yet and so had to turn to my RTW stuff. 

You all must think I'm crazy calling 23'C cold, but for me it is. The crazy thing about us northerners is that we're too silly to change our behaviour to keep warm. It would make sense to put covered shoes on, wear warmer clothes and close our doors & windows...but we don't. We always have this crazy notion that it will suddenly turn warm again and then we'll have to turn around, open up the house and change into cooler gear...such an effort! Anyway, I needn't really concern's going to be 28'C again by the end of the week. What a way to kick off Winter!

Weather aside, I have spent much of the day, rugged up in warm gear, me-making. I'm working on the jacket from Cynthia Rowley's Simplicity 2443. It's a bit of a time-hog but well worth it. 

Days 22-24
Weather: 20'C - 28'C / Mostly sunny

 From left to right:
1. Home day + after school activities: red/pink linen dress (Vogue 8552), Jag jeans, Elk accessories
2. Work: Missoni top (Vogue 9771), jeans, orange resin bangle
3. Work: Top (Simplicity 2599), jeans, Nancybird belt

Days 25 - 27
Weather: 18'C - 23'C / rainy & windy

From left to right:
1. Work: Turquoise shorts (Burda 8087), white tank, Metalicus vest, felted flower brooch
2. Home: No me-made items
3. Home: Embellished long-sleeved tee (Jag), tracksuit bottom, Ugg boots! 


  1. Excellent outfits. I like your jeans with tunic/dress, very practical but feminine.

  2. 23 degrees cold, teehee! We've had a couple of 14 degree days 'down south' in the last week. And I know that's not even cold compared to many parts of the world. It's all relative though isn't it!
    I love that red linen dress.