Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Me Made May: Days 16 - 21

21 down! 10 to go! 

I think doing this MMM challenge really highlights the fact that I have improved on the wearability of the garments I've made during the last year. It was this time last year that  I began sewing lessons. Up to that point, I'd been completely self-taught. I've always found it easy to follow a commercial pattern. It was getting a good fit that was the problem. I'd always sewn things straight from the pattern envelope, so to speak. The only adjustment I made, was to cut a different sized bodice from the skirt. I guess I've learnt that there is way more to fitting, than simply measuring your hips and your bust and matching them to a dress size.

I'm extremely fortunate that my sewing teacher is highly skilled in fitting, having completed many courses, both in Australia and overseas. She has taught me the importance of making a toile and the adjustments I need to make to get a good fit on my body. She has also taught me so many alternative sewing techniques - 'better ways to do things'. For this reason, I also think the finish on my garments has improved substantially. I now feel confident that every garment I make is going to turn out fine. I still worry about whether I've matched the correct pattern with the right fabric choice, in a style that suits me. Gone are the days however, where I worry I have wasted nice fabric on an ill-fitting garment I will never ever wear. On reflection, it's been a very, very good sewing year!

Days 16 - 18
Weather: Min: 19'C - 28'C / Sunny

From left to right:
1. Home day with child: Marc Jacobs knit (Kwik Sew 3784), RTW denim shorts
2. Home Day with child: Cowl neck knit top (self-drafted), RTW denim shorts
3. Work: Blue Woodgrain dress (Vogue 8529), Target white linen pants

Days 19 - 21
Sat and Sun: Min 19'C - 28'C / Sunny          Monday: 19'C - 25'C / Rainy 

From left to right:
1. Kid's soccer game: Yellow tunic (Vogue 8552), Jag Jeans, Country Road necklace
2. Port Douglas Carnivale: Milly Peek-a-boo shoulders top (Simplicity 2406), RTW Billabong shorts
3. Home day with children/visit from friend: Apple Green Cardi (refashion), Jag jeans, Target tank

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  1. A gorgeous collection of clothing! The standout is the yellow dress.