Monday, September 6, 2010

:: scribbles & dribbles - Father's Day Shirt

Here is the shirt Meg and Monty painted for Paul for Father's Day. Pretty groovy I reckon! I prepared the design by ironing on a grid of freezer paper strips. I then handed it over to them to paint inside all the squares with fabric paint. 

painting in the grid

he almost looks as groovy as that guy on his left

I got the idea from here at The Artful Parent. 


  1. Very Spiffy! I like this! Peter got a new t-shirt for his birthday. I asked him if he wanted me to stencil it. He declined. I reckon he'll change his mind when he sees this.

  2. Wow, fantastic! Clever kids and clever you!

    p.s I can't reply to your comments on my blog, it wont let me see your email I feel so rude not being able to say thank you, or something! Anyway, I wanted to say thanks for your great comments, it means a lot!