Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Red Denim Skirt

After many broken needles, I finally finished my denim skirt. Yay! I'm not sure I can ever really learn to love sewing topstitching into denim. Not fun at all! I made quite a mess of it. This, I think can be put down to 1) incorrect tension 2) incorrect needle 3) poorly experienced seamstress 4) lack of machine knowledge. I think I need to take the time to learn a few things before I attempt another one.

The skirt was made using a red stretch denim bought many years ago from Tessuti. I sewed this skirt using Burda 7651. It does have a few flaws - one of the side pockets doesn't sit flat and I stretched the hemline slightly when sewing it. Ah well. Oh, I still need to do a bit more topstitching, but ran out of thread (for the second time).

Red skirt accessorised with blue denim belt ( a 50 cent op-shop find) and a groovy handbag made by my sister for my birthday. You can check it out in greater detail here.

Photos courtesy of my three year old son.

Front view:

Back view:

The back pockets (these bits are my favourites):


  1. You've done well. Are you using a cordonnay needle for top stitching denin? My sewing shop expert recommended this for sewing with thicker top stitching threads and heavy fabrics. Not perfect, but much better.

  2. It's gorgeous and those pockets make it interesting (in a good way!). Hopefully the stretched hem will shrink back in the wash but I wouldn't have even noticed that if you hadn't said anything. What a great pattern.

  3. I love what you did with the back pockets. That's so beautiful!

  4. Hi Bernice, it was a spelling error, but not the one you thought. It is a cordonnet needle. I bought mine from the Bernina Sewing Centre in Chatswood. I'm sure Linda would do a mail order for you.

  5. Great skirt, especially the pockets! You can learn to love topstitching...very satisfying to sew perfectly even stitches a pefectly even distance from the edge. To avoid stretching, I sometimes lengthen the stitch a little. You can always sew the hem first with regular thread then go over the top with topstitching thread.

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