Monday, May 31, 2010

Vesty-style top

A few weeks ago I found a cute, little (that was the problem), silk Country Road top on one of my Op Shop adventures. I recognised the top from last season. I think I may have even tried it on. However, with a price tag of somewhere in the neighbourhood of $90 (??) it was destined to go to a different home.

I really liked the colours and the design of the top but it was a size XS and thus far too small for my big, broad shoulders. Ahhhhhhh, but at only $6, I couldn't really leave it behind could I?

And so a refashion was in order. Obviously, there was no way of making the existing top bigger - it was already a small style. Nor was there any chance of harvesting the fabric to make a different top.

And so, I present my new vesty-style top. I cut an opening straight through the centre front and hemmed it. I also cut out sections of the sleeve and armhole and hemmed this with pink bias-binding (another op-shop find).

Not too shabby!