Monday, May 31, 2010

Silk Skirt

Over the past few weeks I've been slooooooowly making up Burda 7651 in two versions. The first one is a  in a red denim (check out the groovy pockets on previous posts) and the second in an ivory silk.  The denim one is supposed to be for all things casual and the silk one for dressier occasions.

I've been wanting to make a silk skirt in this style for quite some time. Three years a go I bought a pair of ivory silk pants to wear to my brother's wedding. They are my most favourite pants ever & ever (we just watched Enchanted) . So comfortable, so versatile, so kind to a ever-changing body shape and so easily matched with tops. Due to the success of the pants, I wanted to create a sister-skirt. Afterall, I already have about 6 lovely tops that look good with the pants.

So here is the first version in silk. I used the underside of the fabric as I preferred the matte effect over the shiny. I did however, add a tie and band at the hemline using the shiny side.

The only alterations I made to the pattern was to 1) sew down the pleats (they were way too puffy), 2) add a tie at the waist, 3) add a band along the base line, 4) line the back of the skirt.

I'm really happy with how the skirt turned out. It was my first attempt at sewing a delicate, slippery fabric which is why I was operating at snail-pace. I haven't done such a great job of the zipper (you might have spotted the height variation) however because it is hidden by the tie I've left it as is.

Now to finish the denim one.
Deadline: Tomorrow 4pm.


  1. That looks just gorgeous. You will have to show us a pic of you wearing it. Isn't it fabulous that your pattern is so versatile...both silk and denim from the one pattern! I love the waist tie and hem band and did not notice the zipper.

  2. Wow, it's so pretty!! I love all the gorgeous details, it's such a great addition to a wardrobe!!