Sunday, September 27, 2009

Let them eat cake!

My 3 year old daughter is somewhat obsessed with birthday cakes. Each day sees us having lengthy discussions about the cake design each member of the family will have for their next 10 upcoming birthdays - mermaids, cement mixers, caterpillars, diggers, pools, trampolines - ohh, the possibilities!

Anyway, my 3rd and youngest child just turned one. Meg had decided some months ago that a dump truck would be just the thing. As usual, Paul (hubby) jumped at the opportunity to help decorate the cake (guys just can't resist a building project even when the medium is cake!) and we spent Friday evening creating this little beauty!
My second most favourite bit (the first one is decorating it - I can't deny how much that gives me a buzz!) is seeing the kids' faces light up when they see the cake for the first time. It's a look of pure and total happiness - priceless!

 I couldn't resist the chance to share Monty's 2nd birthday cake from much earlier in the year. We were pretty proud of this little masterpiece!

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