Tuesday, September 29, 2009

One down, three to go!

Click on the photo for a close-up shot

The bell on the ribbon marks the date.

Last Christmas, I enthusiastically embarked on what I have since discovered to be quite an insane project. I'd come across a few groovy Advent calendars on the internet around Christmas time (here and here) and decided that for Christmas the following year I would sew a whole bunch of them for all my nieces and nephews. This is actually more insane then it sounds as it would mean 8 calendars! I quickly cut this down to 5 and then to 4. With eleven months until the 1st December, I had plenty of time!

Throughout January I was totally committed. I'd finalised the design, purchased all the equipment and had sewn 25 pockets for the first calendar. Then things came to a screeching halt. I was encountering all sorts of difficulties in trying to attach the pockets to the backing and so things stopped...until yesterday...8 months later!

But yesterday was a new day. I awoke and decided that by hook or by crook, I'd complete my first calendar before bedtime. This didn't turn out to be such a big deal. After 8 months, I had worked out a way to attach everything easily and successfully and so before long all was complete! So here it is - my very first Advent calendar.

This leaves me 8 weeks to complete another 3 - wish me luck!


  1. Hey it looks awesome - I love the way you cut the pockets out - a great detail! Good luck with making the others!

    Lina x

  2. That looks very neat and professional...and time-consuming (trying very hard not to say I told you so!)

  3. Thanks Lina! I'm glad you like them - couldn't have done it with you!