Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Burda Panel Skirt V2

Burda Panel Skirt
2006/Style #112

I've made another Burda Panel skirt. This one is identical to the last version sans geisha girl. In fact, having the feature panel on the previous version meant I had enough fabric to squeeze out another skirt which I'm am super happy about. Two for the price of it!  This one goes with plenty more tops too which is great. I'm predicting this one will appear in the laundry pile weekly. It's a perfect work wardrobe staple. 

I'm loving this pattern. (I've already made version 3) Although it's hard to see from the photos, the front is made up of a centre front and two side-fronts. Same goes for the back. I topstitched all the seams with black thread. 

Pattern changes: I changed the waistband from a straight waistband to a curved one, to better fit my shape. I also changed the skirt pieces from a pencil skirt to an a-line skirt. I prefer a-line skirts as they're much cooler to wear and far more practical in the classroom. 

As mentioned in my previous post, there is an invisible zipper located at the back/side-back seam. In fact, you can see exactly where it is a few photos down as I haven't done it up properly. 

Nothing much else to say - love it!

Styled with:
Elk necklace
Diana Ferrari heels


  1. Love both your versions Bernice. And what a story attached to your last one! I also really like that Elk necklace - I am slightly obsessed with their stuff and live around the corner from their shop .... so dangerous!

  2. A true TNT pattern! It looks totally different in straight navy blue. Both skirts are cute.

  3. This looks great. It would be great in the classroom.

  4. Great skirt, I loved it with the geisha panel and now without.

  5. It's fantastic to have a really good little skirt pattern. This is very smart and looks lovely on you :)

  6. I like your fabric choice and it works well with the Liberty shell.