Thursday, November 17, 2011

Insa Skirt and more

Things are crazy busy at the moment. I'm in the thick of both birthdays and Christmas. I always like to sew the kids a few things for both celebrations. It's one of the few times a year I can muster up a bit of enthusiasm and creativity for my children, sewingwise. Mostly my efforts are dampened by their lack of enthusiasm in wearing my creations. It's not that they mind wearing the clothes I sew them, it's just that it's impossible for me to predict what it is they will wear. 

I finished sewing for Meg this morning. I have cheated quite a bit by deciding to cut myself some slack by mixing home sewing with RTW pieces. I must say, that even though very little of this was sewn from scratch, it still gave me just as much pleasure. I have managed to use up a few scraps of fabric and a handful of buttons from my enormous jar of buttons bought at an op-shop.

Anyway, kicking off is the Insa skirt from Sewing Clothes Kids Love. This is a 2-layered skirt. I made both the layers from a range of cotton voiles as I wanted to keep it as cool and as light as possible. I would have preferred to use contrasting fabrics but there wasn't many on offer in the voile. 

Pretty trims 

Next up is an embellished white singlet to go with the Insa skirt. I purchased a plain white singlet from Target. I sewed some little sleeve-caps to each strap and hand sewed on a range of pink and red buttons.

Next up is another version of the embellished singlet. This time to go with RTW shorts in green.

Lastly, I have another RTW shirt from Target. This time a tee in watermelon pink. I sewed a heart from my Liberty scraps. This one goes with RTW shorts in blue.

That's it for Meg. One down...many to go!


  1. Some very adorable little ensembles there!

  2. Everything you made and embellished looks fantastic and coordinates beautifully. Love the cheerfulness of the colors too!

  3. These are lovely! I have little girls too, they both would love these clothes. You are making me feel a teensy-bit guilty here;-)
    I grew up in the tropics; your post is making me homesick for Christmas at the beach with pineapple!

  4. Ooh, so pretty. The embellishment on the t shirt and singlet is very clever, and time saving. Sewing a t shirt is a bit dull compared to pretty frilly, beautifully trimmed skirts, good call IMO!

  5. Gorgeous! At first I thought the picture that you've titled "Pretty Trims" was 2 sets of little kids legs under the skirt!!! Hmmm .... probably says alot about me!! Totally pretty and a great idea!!

  6. The tiered skirt is beautiful! I also like the use of Liberty scraps- don't let any of that go to waste!

  7. She's going to look so sweet in her new gear. The skirt is great and it looks like it will twirl really well too. I love what you've done with the singlet tops, it's a great idea and the little flutter sleeves will help keep the sun off her shoulders too.

  8. Very sweet skirt. My teenaged daughters do not want anything made - DD junior is a dedicated St Vin.tage shopper and DD senior has gone off clothes completely - preferring the serious scholar look of legins and boyfriend's tshirt.

  9. Looks like you are on the money there...I think that Meg will love them! Did you sew all those buttons by hand? From one of your side bars I recently saw a tutorial for sewing buttons by machine. I only tried it once and broke my needle but I was thinking that I would give it another go.

    I'd like to see the Insa skirt on.

    Where did you get the trims from? I used up that frilly elastic I bought in Cairns for a ballet costume, so if you go into Cozy Ma's I love it if you could get me some more.

    I recognised your Liberty scraps but I couldn't remember how your top worked out so I went back to look at that post...I never commented then, so maybe I didn't see it? It looks great and I love the pairing of it with your swallow brooch.