Sunday, June 5, 2011

Sewing for school

Vest - Kwik Sew 2536
Riviera Leggings - Sewing Clothes Kids Love

Nothing very interesting to see here folks - just a little sewing for school.

Winter is a bit of a tricky season when you live in the tropics. The early mornings are cool. However, by 10am though, things have seriously warmed up. Outside is sunny and hot, but usually things remain cooler indoors. What to wear, what to wear?

Rather than send Meg off in a tracksuit to school, knowing full well she'll be breaking out in a sweat by morning tea, I decided to sew her some fleecy vests and leggings. Let's face it, all girls love leggings. They provide that extra layer and are light enough to wear all day. Sleeveless vests are perfect for up here. They provide enough warmth without overheating. It's a win-win really.

The vests were an absolute bargain. I picked up the green fleece (mandatory school colour - ick!), green-spotted lining and pattern all at the op-shop. This little haul came in at a total of 70c. I pretty much got two vests for not much more the cost of two zippers. Nice.

To top it all off, Meg is more than happy to wear this little ensemble with her uniform. She wore them everyday last week. Yay! It's always nice when your children actually wear the clothes you make them!


  1. What sensible sewing. My poor older daughter has a sort of orangy yellow short sleeved polo shirt to wear as her uniform (what a thing to do to teenage girls!) - with black short or trousers. Currently she is wearing a black skivvy underneath until morning tea, and tights with her shorts. I cannot say that this is at all stylish, but at least she is warm! I will see if a vest might suit her better. Brilliant.

  2. It's gotta be done. And happy children before school is a bonus.

  3. 70c - that's fantastic. I can understand the leggings being a winner, my youngest would wear them 24/7 if she could. I really like the spotty lining too - if you've got to have school green at least you can have a fun lining.

  4. Too right she should wear them! Great idea, and have serious op shop envy - what a thrifting score that was!

  5. Fantastic! Excellent value for money and a great little uniform for school - clever mum! You'll probably get requests and orders next week!