Friday, January 23, 2015

Thurlow shorts in denim linen

Thurlow Trousers (Shorts)

These shorts nearly didn't make it to blogland, or even my wardrobe for that matter. I actually cut these out in February last year when I cut out these trousers. As I mentioned in that post, I discovered I could get both a pair or trousers and shorts, when I buy double my length, if I cut them out simultaneously. So I cut these out (for a rainy day) and then put them aside. Months and months later, I decided to sew them up. They went missing. Yup, with only the hems to sew and the slides and hooks to add, they vanished from sight. I searched and searched but could not find them anywhere. I cleaned out my sewing room, sorted my fabric tubs, waded through my scraps...gone! Searched again and again. Still gone! I gave up.

While away on a girl's weekend in November, this dilemma came up in conversation. My friend Amy (whom I sewed the fancy-schmancy dress for), revealed they were at her house. She found them kicking around, sometime around her sister's wedding, when she was inundated with relatives and assumed they must have belonged to one of them. Mystery solved! (If by chance you're wondering why they were kicking around at Amy's house instead of in my sewing room, well, I stayed with her for a few days during household renovations).

So, I finally got to finish them. I am yet to actually wear them as I only finished them a few days before we headed off for our Summer vacation and we have only recently returned. Despite this, I think they will be quite a wardrobe staple.

Worn with this top.


  1. They are lovely. Well done.
    Anne xx

  2. Nicely done. They look great with a touch of Missoni!

  3. Love the colour of the linen, they will be a perfect wardrobe staple!