Saturday, January 17, 2015

A Festive Beach Kaftan

Vogue 8595 (sort of)

Each year, heading into the festive season, I make myself a party dress. One new dress that I can wear to all the Christmas parties, break-up parties and wear on Christmas day itself. This year, most of these events were by a pool, at the beach or by a river. So instead of a fancy party dress, I sewed up a beach kaftan.

I used Vogue 8595, which I already owned as my starting point. I redrafted both the neckline and hemline so it was more kaftan-like. I also added tabs to hold the rolled-up sleeves in place. I wanted the kaftan to be very flowy and cool so I cut out a much larger size - probably too large really.

The fabric was a cotton/silk voile from Emma One Sock. I didn't buy quite enough (forgot to allow for the sleeves) so it was an absolute bugger to match the stripes. I did manage in the end, but there is the odd join here and there on the sleeves, hemline and hem facing.

I wore this kaftan a heap over the summer school holidays. As planned, I even wore it on Christmas day. The day started out with a swim at Noosa Beach and continued on with cocktails by my sister's pool. No daggy towel wrapped around the waist for me!

Christmas Day 2014

 Noosa Beach with my sister Emily

 Munching on chocolate-covered goji berries from my husband

Is that my new Cuisinart Blending system in the big box? Yes indeedy!


  1. I love it, the colours are amazing.
    Anne xx

  2. Cute cute cute! Love the fabric!

  3. Hi again...looked for an email, but no go, so I'll drop a note here, because you might not be aware of this. Your blog is wonderful but takes a looooonnnng time to load because you include pics on your blog list in the right side bar. Sometimes my Ipad or laptop just times out...

  4. That is so practical, and the wonderful fabric and careful pattern matching make it look much nicer than a regular beach kaftan!

  5. Very chic - the silk/cotton blend must feel beautiful to wear too.

  6. I love your kaftan and the beautiful photos of Noosa. I lived there in 1970s. It has changed so much but the inherent beauty remains.