Wednesday, January 28, 2015

#4 Woven Tee Dress

Woven Tee Dress # 4
2014 sewing continued.....

Ok, this is the last one! My forth and final version of this pattern. See the three previous posts for all previous versions.

This one is sewn using a polished cotton by Milly from Emma One Sock. I think the CB seam created quite an interesting effect. This one differs from the others slightly because I added a hemband. I used part of the selvedge for the contrasting white stripe. 

The fabric is probably a little too heavy for this dress, so it doesn't drape as nicely. I was aware of this heading in but I kinda thought I'd forge ahead anyway. The verdict? Another slightly boxy but easy-to-wear, comfy dress for work.


  1. That back seam looks great - another winner.

  2. Your self draft is a winner for busy prints. Love the back seam too.