Sunday, March 2, 2014

Linen Thurlows

Thurlow Trousers
Sewaholic Patterns

Pattern: Thurlow Trousers by Sewaholic Patterns
Fabric: Linen - Iggy Denim from Tessuti
Worn with: Grainline tank (here)
Styled with: Country Road necklace
& Elk Orange Snakeskin Sandals

This linen was one of the pieces of fabric I picked up in Melbourne over the Christmas holidays. I was immediately drawn to it because of the dark denim-like colour. I'm a bit of a fan of denim, as I find that it goes with everything. The 'easy' factor makes it so appealing to me.

I've been wearing these trousers to work quite a bit over the last few weeks. They tick so many boxes - they're cool, comfortable, go with heaps,  and hide dirty marks quite nicely. I can sit on the carpet, run about the oval, demonstrate yoga poses, rip out art gear....hhmmmmm, the life of a Year 1 teacher. In summary, they're not restrictive!

One of the cool things I'd discovered previously, is if I cut my facings and pockets from my Liberty scraps, I can get a pair of Thurlow trousers and a pair of Thurlow shorts out of Tessuti's linen (135cm) when I buy double my trouser length. So, I also have a pair of shorts cut out and ready to go. I'm not really sure when these will get sewn together. Best not hold your breath!

This week I'm aiming to master sewing silk bias binding onto silk tops. I'm talking the thin, slippery, nightmare-to-manage type of silk. This is something I've always struggled to do well. I've struggled to get a neckline and armholes that sit flat and to keep the binding at a consistent width. So, in an attempt to overcome this hurdle, I've cut out three grainline tanks and matching binding, out of my leftover silk scraps. I'm going to be all grown-up and sensible and do some sample pieces first and then take it slow and steady. Fingers crossed!

Happy sewing everyone!


  1. I just won a copy of the Thurlow pattern from someone's giveaway and I'm excited to try it out. These look awesome! And I can appreciate that they fit the lifestyle of a year one teacher :) They look chic and easy.

  2. I hadn't thought about Thurlows in linen - they look like they were made for each other. Good luck with your silk bindings!

  3. I love them - I really really like that linen. These look like the perfect pant! And I really like them with your top too.

  4. LOVE your new linen pants! They look so comfy and stylish too. And the colour is perfect.

  5. The Thurlows look terrific in the denimish colour linen, such a clever upgrade of the easy-peasy wardrobe staple of jeans- with- a- nice top.

  6. They look awesome. I love denim for the same reason. And I thought I was the only teacher who did yoga!

  7. I may try some wider leg thurlows too. I love my Thurlows for school and linen would prob be cooler in summer. Good luck with the silk sewing and please pass on any tips!

  8. These look very versatile. I also like your Pia dress in the previous post.

    I have been sewing lots of tanks lately, and am quite pleased with my improvement in bindings. I have changed my method slightly and am wondering if I should do a tutorial, as it is a bit different from other methods I have seen.

  9. Try dipping your silk in gelatine first. The gelatine will wash out in the first wash and stiffen the fabric for construction.