Saturday, February 1, 2014

Bare Bones Blogging - Raglan Shift V3

Raglan Shift - Version 3

Pattern: Raglan shift (self -drafted) V3
Fabric: silk by Anna & Boy from The Fabric Store
Accessories: Orange Resin bangle
Location: Adelaide Zoo


  1. Great idea about the bare-bones blogging. I think I need to do that too to catch up a bit! Love all the things you've posted. I hope you enjoyed your time in Adelaide. Hope you don't mind me asking but you use silk a lot in your dressmaking and you're a busy mum - how do you care for the silk? We get quite a few people asking for silk in the shop but we don't stock it at present and are a bit 'scared' by it and its care. - Jane xx

  2. Hi Jane, I had a lovely time in Adelaide. I did do a little window shopping at The Drapery. It's such a lovely little shop. Hope I get to it one day when it's open. I do use quite a bit of silk. When I first buy it, I hand wash it in warm-hottish water. I hand-wash it to allow for general shrinking and to check that the colours won't run. I then dry it in the clothes dryer on a general setting. After that, I sew it up and then it all just goes into the general daily wash, school uniforms and all. Drying washing in the tropics in Summer is a nightmare. It's really hard to get clothes dry. I generally hang them up undercover and then finish them in the dryer which is why the clothes dryer is always part of my pre-treating program. If it's a super-special occasion dress, I stick mainly to hand washing and clothes-line drying. The everyday stuff though (which is most of it) doesn't get any special treatment. Hope this helps. Bernice

    1. Oh that sounds really quite practical! I didn't really imagine you running off to the dry-cleaners all the time :) Thanks, that's helpful. Glad you had a peek in the shop and a nice Christmas break. - J x

  3. You have an eye for great fabric prints. Love this dress so much.

  4. Glad to see you back and if bare bones blogging works, then do it!! Lovely dress. Great fabric.

  5. It's gorgeous! Love the colours and the print :)

  6. Wow Bernice, what a superb print! You've really got this raglan shift thing happening beautifully.