Saturday, February 1, 2014

Bare-bones Blogging & Raglan Shift in Lisa Ho Stripes

Raglan shift - self drafted

Pattern: Raglan shift - self-drafted (version 1 here)
Fabric: Silk/lycra by Lisa Ho from The Fabric Store
Accessories: Necklace by Elk
Feet: models own
Location: Country Victoria

Ok, I think I can now officially declare I am the worst blogger ever. The gap between posts is getting ridiculously long and commenting on other people's creations has become sporadic at best. Even though I have kept up with my blog reading, my contribution to the sewing blog community has been seriously waning. (Full-time work and blogging is not a combo that's working for me right now).

Over the summer holidays, I had pretty much decided to sign-off on this whole blogging caper. Then my sister reminded me that one of the things I like best about blogging, is having a ready-available diary of my sewing creations and the pleasure gained from looking back over the year/s at what I've sewn. And so,  I've decided to keep blogging for the moment. From now on though, I'm switching to 'bare-bones blogging'. So often in the past 9 months, I've avoided posting my finished garments because I've lacked the desire and/or time to write a blog post to accompany them. So from now on, I'm thinking I'll post the photos, but give the blog post a least for a while. I hope the photos will still be a source of inspiration or interest for others' sewing projects and creations. 

Wishing you all a fabulous year of sewing ahead! 


  1. Great dress Bernice. I hope you don't stop blogging at least the photos because I love your style and your makes.

  2. Amazing pairing of fabric and pattern - such awesome sleeve detail!! Please keep up the bare bones blogging at least! ;)

  3. I agree with NaciNic. This just works!!

  4. Yay, I love your creations so am happy that you are continuing, in whatever way suits you.

  5. I really enjoy seeing your projects, so I'm excited about your bare-bones blogging! One thing I like about the sewing community is that it's comprised of real people with real lives.

  6. I'm right there with you on the blog posting and sporadic commenting. And I feel the same way about my blog- it's such a great record of what I've sewn and just life in general. So glad to see your creations, with words or without!

  7. Bare bones blogging is absolutely fine if it means that I can get to see the wonderful things that you make! I adore this dress - it's a fantastic combination of colour, stripes and style.